Supporting SSH Research in Southern Europe: Recommendations for Research Funders and Institutions

SSH CENTRE held a workshop in Bilbao to analyse the current framework of SSH researchers in Southern Europe

On March 17, our partner BC3 hosted a workshop event: Southern Voices on Research Geographies: a workshop for transition-related SSH in Southern Europe, which discussed the results of the ‘Transition-focussed Social Sciences & Humanities in Southern and Central Europe: Call for Evidence’ survey. 

This survey aimed to identify how research funders can better support the social sciences and humanities (SSH) in Southern Europe. The workshop explored the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to a sustainable future and focused on how SSH research can support this goal and provide participants to had the opportunity to share their experiences and insights and to identify best practices for promoting SSH research in the region.

This one-day workshop gathered SSH researchers from Italy, Portugal, Greece, and Spain, among others, and they participated in panel sessions and working group discussions in which they addressed how to facilitate in-depth conversations about the integration of social sciences and humanities into policy-making.

Overall, the recommendations suggest a bottom-up approach that fosters collaborative environments, rejects competitiveness and allows for flexibility in location and working schemes, being the ultimate goal of achieving a more accessible, equitable, and supportive environment for SSH research in Southern Europe.

The official conclusions will be released on June 2023 via SSH CENTRE public deliverable. Stay tuned for this upcoming deliverable, which will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and impact of social sciences and humanities in shaping a brighter future for all.


Event held by BC3

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