From the edge to cutting the edge research funding: a workshop on Social Sciences & Humanities in Central Eastern Europe

SSH CENTRE held a workshop, titled ‘From the edge to cutting the edge research funding: a workshop for the transition-related Social Sciences & Humanities in Central Eastern Europe’ in Pecs, Hungary on March 28. The workshop was led by our partners at KRTK (Centre for Economic and Regional Studies) and revolved around the topic of barriers and issues the SSH and STEM communities face in Central Eastern Europe.

The SSH partners were joined by participants from different CEE countries both online and in-person, to discuss their experiences, challenges and opportunities they face or have faced in their academic work. A fruitful discussion developed in the panel sessions, where the participants could discuss their views and ideas for possible solutions to issues highlighted in previous conversations. The discussion built upon the insights of over 100 climate, energy and mobility researchers who have worked in Southern and Central Eastern Europe (now or in the past), which we gathered in the survey titled ‘Transition-focussed Social Sciences & Humanities in Southern and Central Europe: Call for Evidence’. 

The workshop was held to better understand the challenges and opportunities SSH researchers face in CEE countries and how research funds can better support them in their work. The EU has sought to stimulate research collaborations for decades to enhance synergies among European research communities and to support its own policy goals, but disparities remain in terms of overall participation, roles within cooperative research and financial contributions received, particularly between the Western/Northern parts of Europe and Southern, Central and Eastern European countries. 

Based on the survey and the discussion with practitioners in the workshop, SSH CENTRE will develop a set of recommendations, which will be released in June 2023. Overall, the discussion revolved around the challenges of lesser esteem of CEE countries in research, challenges with funding schemes and lack thereof, as well as the need for a supportive and accessible environment, which would foster SSH research in Central Eastern Europe.

The official conclusions will be released on June 2023 via SSH CENTRE public deliverable. Stay tuned for this upcoming deliverable, which will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and impact of social sciences and humanities in shaping a brighter future for all.

Event held by KRTK

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