Engagement methods and ways to leverage SSH presences in climate, energy and mobility transition

In EU policy-making, effective engagement methods are crucial for understanding and addressing complex challenges. Recognizing this need, SSH Centre is excited to announce the publication of two valuable resources: Engagement Methods Literature Briefs and Engagement Methods Infosheets. These newly released materials aim to liaise researchers, policymakers, and practitioners with comprehensive knowledge and practical guidance on engaging diverse stakeholders in EU Green Deal climate, energy and mobility topics.

Engagement Methods Literature Briefs: Exploring the climate-energy-mobility research landscape through Social Sciences and Humanities literature briefs

The Engagement Methods Literature Briefs serve as a comprehensive curated literature on engagement methods in climate, energy and mobility. This resource provides various ways of engaging with stakeholders, such as communities, civil society organizations, and government entities. By synthesizing and summarizing key findings from these works, the Literature Briefs offer a precise overview of best practices, challenges, and theoretical frameworks related to engagement methods. 

Information sheets on stakeholder and citizen engagement methods for climate, energy and mobility transitions

Complementing the Literature Briefs, the Engagement Methods Infosheets provide practical and accessible guidance on implementing engagement methods in real-world contexts. 

This toolbox offers 13 one-page infosheets, each outlining a specific method for involving stakeholders and citizens in climate, energy, and mobility.

These practical guidelines offer step-by-step instructions, tips, and case studies to assist practitioners and policymakers by conducting focus groups, organizing workshops, or developing digital platforms for fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and effective communication with stakeholders.

The release of the Engagement Methods Literature Briefs and Infosheets by the SSH Centre marks an important milestone in promoting effective engagement practices in EU topics climate, mobility and energy, offering theoretical insights with practical guidance. 

Read the literature briefs here

Read the Infosheets here