Knowledge Brokerage participants

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Ananya Tiwari

Atlantic Technological University Galway


Andrea Capaccioli

Senior Consultant at Deep Blue, Rome


Carolina Moreno

PhD researcher at Freiburg University


Danijel Baturina

PhD researcher at University of Zagreb


Danijel Crnčec

PhD researcher at Ljubljana University


Emilie Etienne

PhD researcher at Grenoble-Alpes University


Gulfem Cevheribucak

PhD researcher at Limerick University


Hannah Hook

PhD  researcher at Ghent University


Juliana Carvahlo

PhD researcher at Porto University


Laura Niessen

PhD researcher at Maastricht University

(The Netherlands)

Lluis Martínez

PhD researcher at Vrije University Brussel


Maria Kola-Bezka

PhD researcher at Nicolaus Copernicus University


Mate Lőrincz

Lecturer at Reading University

(United Kingdom)

Nathan Wood

PhD researcher at Utrech&Eindhoven University

(The Netherlands)

Nicol Stancova

PhD researcher at Charles University


 Pepijn Quast

PhD researcher at Utrecht University


Rebecca Rossetti

PhD researcher at Bologna University


Rihab Khalid

Research fellow at Cambridge University

(United Kingdom)

Shary Heuninck

PhD researcher at Brussel University


Timothy Marcroft

PhD researcher at West University


Valentin Aubois

PhD researcher at Tours University


Yann Robiou

PhD researcher at Utrecht University

(The Netherlands)

Alexander Novikau

PhD researcher at Sarajevo University

(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Jessica Zaphiropoulo

PhD at Grenoble -Alpes University


Emma Lawlor

PhD researcher at Glasgow University


Mihajlo Djukic

PhD researcher  at Belgrade Institut of Economic Sciences


Sarah Kilpeläinen

PhD researcher at Tampere University


María Alonso

Member of CambiaMo Changing Mobility, Madrid


Alexandra Tsatsou

PhD researcher at Athens University


Kanika Tuteja

member of Troyes University