Open Science and Open Education

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While we’re busy constructing valuable content, let’s preview what’s coming your way. Explore the intersection of Open Science and Education with these five key aspects: 

(1) Horizon Europe highlights the importance of Open Science and Open Education practices and integrates a more complete approach of the open science concept, including distinguishing between mandatory and recommended open science practices. 

(2) Open science is a broad concept, describing practices and tools, such as open access, open journals, open data, open research, open science policies and open education, all linked by the principle of open access and availability to all

(3) The main benefits related to Open Science and Open Education in SSH and STEM are the increased uptake, transparency and confidence in scientific research findings, exchange of knowledge and ideas, and increased accessibility and relevance of education in different fields of science. 

(4) The European Commission should make Open Science skills an integral part of the work programmes with dedicated actions and funding to support and promote Open Science in Open Education both in SSH- and STEM-focussed projects, and especially in projects, aiming to bridge SSH and STEM. 

(5) Educational institutions in SSH and STEM should support and encourage the development of skills, technical infrastructure, and organisational and legal frameworks for the development of Open Science and Open Education practices. This would benefit both SSH and STEM researchers.

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Check our literature brief titled Open Science and Open Education: Bringing Social and Technical Disciplines into Dialogue. Discover how the synergy of SSH and STEM can shape the future of knowledge!

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